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Reasons Why Kasauli Has Emerged as a Dream Tourist Destination

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In the Solan district of the state of Himachal Pradesh, lies a cantonment and town, named Kasauli. Established by the British Raj in 1842 as a colonial hill-station, this town is a health resort with a spirit of camaraderie in the moderate climate, simple people, and exotic landmarks. Read on to explore what makes Kasauli the ultimate tourist’s heavenly abode. The Central Research Institute, originally the Pasteur Institute of India; works as a World Health Organisation collaborating centre, hence attracting dignitaries from all over the world. The Baptist church, a 1923 brick and wood building, is a unique example of the colonial architecture of the British era. The Christ church is an Anglican Church which contains Spanish and Italian imported stained glass windows depicting Christ, Mary, Saint Barnabas and Saint Francis. Kasauli club was established as the Kasauli Reading and Assembly rooms for the exclusive use of the British Raj to hold meetings, tea and dinner dances, and galas; it is currently located within Indian Army premises. The Gilbert trail is home to many wildlife species, including the Sambar deer. Nahri temple thought to have constructed around 150 years ago, is renowned for its festive celebrations of Dussehra and Shivratri. There is a century-old ‘bauri’ that still offers potable water. Manki Point is situated in the ‘Air Force Station’. According to the Ramayana myth, when Lord Hanuman was returning from the Himalayas after acquiring the “Sanjivany Booty,” one of his feet touched the hill; that is why the top of the hill is in the shape of a foot. On starry and clear nights, one can see a stunning view of Chandigarh from Manki Point. Beja State is one of the 18 Shimla Hill States, situated just below Kasauli, bordered by Mahlog, Patiala, Kuthar and the Bharauli tract of Shimla District. You can eat at the NH22 Dhaba, pray at Gurudwara Shri Guru Nanak, and shop at the Garkhal Bazaar. Kasauli Brewery and distillery is the oldest extant distillery for ‘scotch whisky’ in Asia. Need I say...

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A Tourist Hunt Guide for Kasauli

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Are you fond of tourism or have a deep affection for bionet works? Then Kasauli, a hill station situated in the heart of Himachal Pradesh can turn up your dreams into true. Passing through the green and glistening valleys, visiting up to sightseeing and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere in the earthly aroma of nature are some nuclear cognates of doing a tour. Your journey doesn’t end up here, it contains up to many more adventures – When to visit? – Kasauli being a hill station invites guests mainly in summer and rainy season. Time between March to November and end of December is best to visit Kasauli. New Year glory is adorable in Kasauli, which adds a pinch of exquisiteness in it. Where to visit? – There are almost 24 sightseeing points in Kasauli, among which major ones are – Sunset point, Mughal garden, monkey point, Krishna Bhavan Mandir, Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir and timber trail resort. How to visit? – Nearest railway station to reach Kasauli is at Kalka that is 37 Kms away from there. From Kalka a direct connectivity of road by bus is available, but it stops before dusk. Also airways are an option to reach Kasauli and the nearest airport is in Chandigarh and Shimla. Where to stay? – Many hotels and resorts are present on every outlay according to your affordability. These dwellings ask for pre booking in peak season or else it will be difficult for you to find a stay hault. What to eat?- Some famous dishes of Kasauli are – Kadhi, poppy seed halwa, maadra and ginger green tea. Enjoying these rich and delicious foods is a fun in Kasauli. What to buy? – Woolen garments, Sweet and sour tangles, Home décor items and Hot drinks are some famous items to be purchased from Kasauli. Best place to collect these items are Tibetian market, mall road, upper and lower malls. These junctures complete, the tourist hunt guide for...

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The Best Time and Weather to Give a Visit to Kasauli

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If you are planning to go on your next holiday trip to a hill station, then you may consider a popular choice of Kasauli, which is located in Himachal Pradesh, India. This place has no dearth of visitors in any season. This is because of the wonderful and enjoyable weather or climate at this serene location. When people look for a short break from their regular lives, they consider visiting Kasauli. Most of them choose this hill station because of its nice connectivity to various other places in India. They also love to visit this location, as any time is convenient to do the bookings for this place. While the weather remains okay throughout the year at this hill station, it is still preferable to go to Kasauli between the months of April and November. This is the time when it is not too cold. During all these months, Kasauli maintains a pleasant and lovely weather so you may easily move around and see tourist places. During the mentioned months, the temperature at this location hovers between 0 and 20 Degrees Celsius. While peak summer at this place goes slightly warmer at around 30 Degrees Celsius, it is still manageable if you want to avoid the overheated places elsewhere in India. However, you may avoid the months of July and August if you do not like the monsoon season. People generally appreciate the cool nights and light warm days in Kasauli. All this can be enjoyed during the summer months between April and June. It is not very advisable to visit this place during the winter months, as winters are quite chilly at this location. You may anyways not desire to go to a hill station during the winter season. Thus, enjoy the place until its summer...

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Exploring Kasauli

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Kasauli is a picturesque town which takes one to the 19th century era. Located in Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 1927 m, this town is a good travel destination. The orchards, gardens, paved paths, etc. highlights the colonial ambience of the town. Further, Kasauli is surrounded by forests full of Horse Chestnuts, Himalayan Oak, and Chir-Pine trees. This small town developed by the British has many attractions like the Monkey Point, Sabathu, Dharampur, and Dagshai. The travellers can get there by air, rail, or road. The climate of Kasauli is extreme in the winter season with temperature touching the freezing point. In summer, it is quite pleasant. In short, Kasauli is a good tourist...

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Kasauli: A perfect romance in the hills

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Kasauli the little hill station in the Himachal Mountains is a perfect romantic gateway. The climate in the cold season and cool summers make it a very good spot for a perfect getaway. You can cuddle and express your love in togetherness in this quaint little hill station. The town has numerous spots where you can spend quality time in silence and privacy. You and your spouse can trek through the nearby hills, have a little bonfire, spend time at scenic locations in the valley nearby, go to the famous church, roam the evergreen forests or visit the city and enjoy the little villas and preserved British architecture. Tourists can have a great time in the evenings watching the sunset, or enjoying a cup of hot coffee in the night. The people in Kasauli are use to tourists and transient people so they will be very hospitable, making your stay in the hills very enjoyable. There are a number of villas that are up for rent which you can rent for a few days or a week-end and have a great time in your romantic getaway in the hills of Himachal. For making your trip special and memorable, you can take the help of vacation planners for making your...

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