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To enrich your travel experience we provide a platform to interact, share your opinions, comments and travel tips. This forum receives hundreds of visits everyday which only means any of your travel related doubts or fears could be easily elucidated. Apart from bloggers and regulars of the site, we do have professional travel writers in place to assist you in case your question does not reap a satisfactory response from anyone else.

The forum is a great tool for people who wish to know about the place and the facilities before deciding to travel to the place. We also have real images on the forum, which are posted by our guests, as well as professional photographers. These give a feel of the place.

The forum is also used for listing the services that you get around the city, like cab services, restaurants and shopping centers. Whenever there’s a new service that is launched, we update the same on our forum. Moreover, we have a list of the must visit points, in and around Kasauli. So, by having a look at our forum, you can plan your trip in advance and even book cabs to all the places to wish to see. If you have any queries, feel free to write to our moderators and they will answer with interest.