Making The Most of Kasauli

Updated On November 19, 2017

A quaint, rain-washed town with stone cobbled paths, tall trees, plenty of woods and greenery is what Kasauli is all about. Located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh its architecture and atmosphere still has the touches of the British Raj from 1842.

The climate of Kasauli is largely pleasant with the extreme being winter when the temperature plunges to 2 degree Celsius. Summers rarely see temperatures greater than 32 degrees, making it a perfect destination almost all through the year. The beauty of Kasauli comes out at the beginning and end of the rainy days. With the lush green cover drenched in beautiful rain drops, the long winding paths damp with water, the air filled with the sounds of the birds and the insects, perfect for weekend getaways and long holidays.

A walk in the woods: Kasauli is truly about its greenery and its woods. So, get out of those travel cars, put on your boots and enjoy a walk into the woods to catch some of the most exotic birds of India. Complete your walk by heading into town and drinking steamy, spicy tea with yummy accompaniments.

Christ Church : Standing tall and beautiful, do not miss the age old Christ church located amongst the chestnut and fir groves. Go and marvel at the big grey walls starkly contrasted by the color stained glass windows and lose yourself in its beauty.

Central Research Institute: Being a place of importance to the British, the Central Research Institute (CRI) was established in 1904 and is still a place to visit if you are an academic enthusiast or plan to do a Masters in Microbiology.

Monkey point : Reach the heights of Kasauli to get a magnificent view of the Chandigarh plains and to watch the Sutlej river flow through the sunlit valleys. You will also be able to spot the snow covered peak of ‘ Choor Chandni’ which is the Lower Himalayan Belt’s highest peak. Ask the locals to hear the story of Hanuman and his association with the name of the place.

Well apart from visiting these places the other way to enjoy Kasauli is by avoiding hotel stays and opting to stay in home stays. Especially if you have a car, do look at the home stays in Kasauli to make the most of the trip. There is nothing like waking up to nature, away from the sights and sounds of human life, enjoying your day with your family or just with yourself, sipping hot coffee and reading a book.