The town of Kasauli, nestled in the Himalayan range with its unique array of flora and fauna mesmerises any one who steps feet in this nature's paradise. Once a favourite haunt of the British gentry, it has now become a popular travel destination amongst nature lovers, adventure seekers and honeymooners. This tiny town with its coniferous, fir and pine trees enchants with its tranquility and takes you on a historical ride with its Gothic aura.
Kasauli is home to the renowned Lawrence School, Sanawar – established in the year 1857 and one of the six schools and colleges in the British Empire to be awarded with the King's colours by the British crown.
Being very well connected by air, rail and road, it is flocked by a huge influx of tourists all around the year from all over India and overseas as well.
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Kasauli Guide

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What to See in Kasauli

Summers are here and everyone living out in Northern India must be looking out for a tranquil place to spend few days away from the scorching heat. If you want to spend some quiet days in the lap of Mother Nature, then Kasauli can be considered as a good option for your summer vacations. The […]

Activities and Things to do in Kasauli

Home to the famous author, Khushwant Singh, Kasauli is a little hill station located en route to Shimla via Delhi. As you drive towards the tranquil hill station, the roads lined up with chestnut trees will fill your heart with joy. The sweet chirping of birds will take all your worries away and you will […]

Kasauli Unexplored Northern India

Not many people are aware of the serene and scenic beauties of northern India. Covered in snow and fog for more than half of the year the northern part of India has many beautiful places to explore which requires you a life time. One such beautiful state is Himachal Pradesh known for its hill stations. […]

Kasauli – Indian Town with a British Touch

British once ruled many countries in the world and have left their foot prints in the countries they ruled. Some countries still preserve their architecture and culture while some countries have moved on. One such country which has preserved the architecture, culture left by the British is India. India has many hill stations which are […]

The natural beauty and heritage of Kasauli

Kasauli is a small town in the state of Himachal Pradesh and was established by British Raj in the year 1842. This is one of the best tourist destinations in Northern Indian and is attracting thousands of tourists every year. One can find the climate to be moderate, where the temperature in winter is nearly […]

Kasauli: Best hill station in India

Kasauli is one of the best tourist destinations of India. It is situated in Himachal Pradesh and is enriched with pine and oak trees, sky touching mountains, Victorian mansions, etc. The picturesque landscapes astonish the eyes of tourists. Every year millions of tourists visit Kasauli from different countries of the world. One can find nature […]

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