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Kasauli is chosen by tourists for its breathtaking views and archaic architectural structures spread across the town. Tourists can, any time, walk down the streets of Kasauli and hear the chirping and cooing of the birds in the woods. Apart from that, there are diverse options available for sightseeing, adventure and even for worship in the charming town of Kasauli. Here is a list of top tourist attractions in Kasauli –

Monkey Point – Monkey Point, the highest point in Kasauli is famous for its small Lord Hanuman temple. Legend has it, that while Lord hanuman was returning from the Himalayas with the sanjivani booti, his foot touch the hilltop of this mountain. Quite strangely, the top of the hill is in the shape of a foot and is very often thronged by harmless monkeys.


Mall Road – It is one of the most popular hangout for shopping lovers in Kasauli. One can go on a shopping spree in this bustling market with shops on both of its sides. Walking down the narrow pebbled lanes, one can admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the local artists who deal in various items like ceramic mugs, pottery items, metalwork, handicrafts, Tibetan carpets and shawls.


Baptist Church – Established in the year 1923, by the British, this historical church is a must – visit. It is located right in the middle of the city and is easily accessible from all the sides. Apart from its religious significance, it is a great crowd puller because of its awe inspiring victorian architeture. Cocooned within a silent forest of pine trees, it provides a rejuvenating experience to its visitors


Gurdwara Shri Guru Nanak Ji – Located in the Gharkhal Bazaar near Kasauli, this sikh temple is widely visited by both devotees and tourists. One can have access to accomodation facilities in the vicinity of the Gurudwara known as Sarai. Each Sunday, after the regular morning prayers, Langar ( a vegetarian meal cooked in the community kitchen of the Gurudwara) is served to all the attendees.


Timber TrailIt is one of the most popular getaway for adventure seekers. The 1.8 kilometre ropeway ride on cable car provides a picturesque view of the pine and coniferous mountains all around. The two way ride costs only INR 770 per head.



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