The Best Time and Weather to Give a Visit to Kasauli

Updated On November 19, 2017

If you are planning to go on your next holiday trip to a hill station, then you may consider a popular choice of Kasauli, which is located in Himachal Pradesh, India. This place has no dearth of visitors in any season. This is because of the wonderful and enjoyable weather or climate at this serene location. When people look for a short break from their regular lives, they consider visiting Kasauli. Most of them choose this hill station because of its nice connectivity to various other places in India.

They also love to visit this location, as any time is convenient to do the bookings for this place. While the weather remains okay throughout the year at this hill station, it is still preferable to go to Kasauli between the months of April and November. This is the time when it is not too cold. During all these months, Kasauli maintains a pleasant and lovely weather so you may easily move around and see tourist places. During the mentioned months, the temperature at this location hovers between 0 and 20 Degrees Celsius.

While peak summer at this place goes slightly warmer at around 30 Degrees Celsius, it is still manageable if you want to avoid the overheated places elsewhere in India. However, you may avoid the months of July and August if you do not like the monsoon season. People generally appreciate the cool nights and light warm days in Kasauli. All this can be enjoyed during the summer months between April and June. It is not very advisable to visit this place during the winter months, as winters are quite chilly at this location. You may anyways not desire to go to a hill station during the winter season. Thus, enjoy the place until its summer lasts.